Akari is a female customer who made her first appearance in Papa's Burgeria.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Tacodale
Loves: Bananas
Hates: Red Lights
Occupation: Courier

Akari is a highly skilled motorcyclist who loves life in the fast lane. By day, she is an independent motorcycle courier, delivering important packages across the city at lightning speed. By night, Akari can be found revving up at the Tacodale Speedway where she'll race anyone who's up for the challenge.


Akari is a female who has light-tone skin, and black hair worn in a ponytail with a yellow hairband. She wears a black jacket with silver zippers and yellow stripes on the sleeves with an orange shirt underneath the jacket, orange and yellow-striped pants, and black shoes with golden yellow laces and silver soles. She also sports black goggles with orange shades on her forehead.


  • She enjoys bananas and everything made from them, as they are her favorite food and seen in most of her orders. This may also be the reason a Bananazooka is her weapon in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack. But for some reason, she does not order banana drizzle in Donuteria.
  • In Japanese, "Akari" means light.
  • She is the only closer who debuted as a regular customer in Papa's Burgeria.
  • Akari is the only character in the Papa Louie platformer games, who starts off with no Skill and returns in the second edition with a Skill. Captain Cori is the complete opposite, starting off with a Skill, then losing it in a later platformer.
  • Akari is the third former closer who becomes tutorial customer.
  • She is one of the few customers who make their debut in a game as a normal customer and then a closer in another, alongside Ninjoy, Radlynn, Allan and Robby.
  • In Papa's Taco Mia HD, she always orders the holiday-exclusive taco shell.
  • In Papa's Sushiria, she always orders the holiday-exclusive sushi topping, shaker, and flavored bubble tea.
  • Akari has yet to compete in the PNC since 2014.
  • In Papa's Sushiria, if you send Vincent a customer coupon, Akari will deliver it to him.

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