Bonnie Dundee
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Alternative Styles Relatives
Marely (sister)
Conne (girlfriend)
Marlen (Mother)
Elias (Father)
Isabella (young sister)
Foxter (chilhood friend)
Cindy (bestfriend)
Luis Angel (bestfriend)
Professor Fitz (Teacher)
Loke (friend)
Stevenwolf (friend)
Gender Male
Occupation Soccer player and Worker of all Papa's Restaurants
Hometown Tastyville
Holiday 14th Nissan and A night at the opera.
Closer n/a
Loves Hates
Study Inappropriate Phobias
Right Left
{{BDA}} None

Bonnie Dundee is a male fan customer, created by: User:LuisAngel01.


Bonnie Dundee is a soccer player of the local team of Tastyville's Football Stadium, near the Griller Stadium. Bonnie Dundee is the older brother of Marely, the same as Foxter and his friends was created by Professor Fitz in one of his biology projects, and was adopted by the Angulo family. Unlike Foxter and his brother, he lives with his family. His mother named Marlen and his father named Elias, although his parents tried to adopt Foxter and his brother, they did not do it because of the birth of Marely and the conditions in which they lived alone could give them a small shelter in an alley for the two near of his house. Like many footballers Bonnie Dundee has a pseudonym "Monti", although he only uses it sometimes when he is with someone named just like him. He currently moved to one of the departments of Papa's Pizzeria when he got a job at the pizzeria. He has a girlfriend named Conne who met her at the inauguration of Papa's Pastaria in Portallini. In addition he is studying the bible with the Jehovah's Witnesses, being precursor, that soon will be baptized.


  • Its name "Bonnie Dundee" is also the name of a Scottish folk song.
  • Its pseudonym "Monti" besides rhyming with its name, is also the name of a musician of academic music (Classical Music), reason why their names derive from the music.
  • He, Cindy, Conne, Foxter, Isabella, Loke and Stevenwolf are the only customers who are unseen customers, and all are relatives.