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Skyler (friend)
Gender Male
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Occupation Student, Toastwood Institute of Art
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Brody is a male customer who made his first appearance in Papa's Cheeseria.

Flipdeck Info

Brody is a slightly disheveled student from the Toastwood Institute of Art. Although this uncertain artist has switched majors several times, he is currently focused on Illustration. During the summer, Brody draws wacky caricatures for visitors at Powder Point. Every Friday night he goes to the run-down Crustwich Theater to watch the weekly Midnight Movie with his best friend, and fellow student, Skyler.


Brody has a messy dark brown hair and a short facial hair. Brody has freckles, and can also be noted that he wears black-trimmed glasses with blue fabric as the hilt. He wears a black shirt with purple stripes and uses ripped socks for 'gloves.' Brody wears blue pants and orange sneakers with white accents. He also carries a brown bag filled with art supplies and a sketch pad.


  • Matt stated this in the Flipline Forum:

"Brody is just based on random dudes we knew in art school. I've never worn socks on my arms, though I knew a bunch of people who did (so they didn't smudge charcoal and stuff all over their arms when drawing)."