Dayana Sarahí
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Alternative Styles Relatives
Luis Angel (friend),
Lizarraga (friend),
Itzel (friend),
Ricardo (friend),
Zamora (friend),
Max (friend),
America (friend),
Alejandra del Carmen (classmate),
Fernanda (classmate).
Gender Female
Occupation Student
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Closer n/a
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Dayana Sarahí (Spanish pronunciation: [da'yana sara'i]), (or simply Dayana) is a female fan customer, created by: User:LuisAngel01.


Dayana is a student at Tastyville's High School, she is one of the outstanding students for her kindness, respect, tolerance and other values of the high school, so much that she has obtained a great recognition on the part of the teachers of the institution, she She is also a very participatory and collaborative student in her class. His musical fanaticism is great, which we usually see wearing his hearing aids most of the day. She has gained the trust of many of her classmates and teachers and has succeeded in participating in many high school cultural events.



  • The majority of her classmates are her friends.