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Alternative Styles Relatives
Edna B Xolo (Foster son)
Xandra (Foster daughter)
Gender Female
Flipdeck 100
Occupation Seamstress (retired)
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Closer N/A
Loves Hates
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Edna is a female customer who made her first appearance in Papa's Burgeria.

Flipdeck info

Hometown: Burgerburgh
Loves: Marshmallows
Hates: Polyester
Occupation: Seamstress

Edna is a lovely old lady from the town of Burgerburgh. In her younger years, she was a seamstress. Although she loved her job, her paychecks barely covered the bills. Edna lived a simple and somewhat lonely life until the day she found an odd deflated hot air balloon strewed across her tiny backyard. Beneath a patchwork sea of fabric was a basket holding two tiny redhaired twins.


Edna wears black glasses and white lenses and has thick, fluffy white hair tied into a large bun. She has matching ruffles around her neck of her green shirt with dark orange buttons. She also wears orange pants.