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Papa's Scooperia is the 14th game in the Papa Louie's restaurant management series. The game was first announced on January 16, 2018. Carlo Romano and Koilee are the workers in this game, as they were the winners of Papa's Next Chefs 2017. The game takes place in Oniontown. The winner of Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2017, Amy, makes her official debut as a customer in the game.

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Xolo and his twin sister, Xandra, were being raised by the Xeppers to be the Royal Guardians of the Warp Coins. However, that all changed on one fateful night when a crystal-like asteroid with a faint pink tail was observed hurtling through space. It was on a collision course with the Kingdom of X, the core realm of the entire Flipverse. The Xeppers quickly patched together an escape balloon, and sent the twins off to the safest realm they could find. The stone pierced the sky and shattered the Kingdom of X, scattering all the sacred Warp Coins.

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