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Welcome to Flipline Fandom. We’re a collaborative community website that provides details about the characters, fan games, tournaments, apps and platformer games created by users of this wikia, you can participate!.

In this wikia you will see all fandom of all fans of Papa Louie and Flipline Studios.

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Orange Drizzle is a holiday-exclusive drizzle in Papa's Flaneria during Spring Feast. It is unlocked with Greg when player reaches Rank 33.

Character most popular
Luis Angel

Luis Angel All Cleaned Up!

Luis Angel is happy living in his hometown, he live with his brother Foxter, a fox that Professor Fitz managed to anthropomorphize in one of its projects; from 3 years for family reasons...

Character of the month

Marely is a happy student, she lives a lot with her friends at school, mainly with her best friend Kassandra, loves the music, anime, and all that is sweet, cuddly and cute, has a unique personality, six years he met his best friend Luis Angel, lived for a time in other city where he changed his personality a little in school and lived a very dangerous earthquake and lucky chances was not a major, had a relationship with Jesus Ramon freshman year, but they ended at the beginning of a second, for a reason that one should know their friends. She like Luis Angel is a student registered with Jehovah's Witnesses, and is happy to be because he knows what is best for her.

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