Foxter (Spanish pronunciation: [foksteɾ]) is a male fan customer, created by: User:LuisAngel01.


Foxter is a soccer player of the local team of Tastyville's Football Stadium, near the Griller Stadium. He is the older brother of Luis Angel, was created by Professor Fitz in one of their projects Biology, and was adopted by the Lugo family, even at the age of almost 4 years he and his younger brother were separated from their parents by reasons has avoided saying, and were found by Roy while this divided pizzas and took them to the pizzeria, where he currently works. His childhood friend Bonnie Dundee helped them while they were living in a dark alley for nearly 3 years. Currently still living in one of the departments of Papa's Pizzeria with his brother and has an engagement with Cindy a girl he met on a trip to Portallini, and her friend and girlfriend Bonnie Dundee, Conne also been working on all restaurants Papa Louie around the world, despite all circuntancias to has had to live, studying with his brother and his girlfriend the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses.


  • Its name comes from the combination of the English words FOX and broThER with the omission of the "h" at the end of "THER" to the spelling of the Spanish language.
  • He, Cindy, Conne and Bonnie Dundee are the only customers who are unseen customers.

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