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Alternative Styles Relatives
Luis Angel (childhood friend)
Marely (classmate)
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Hometown Tastyville
Holiday Cinco de Mayo
Closer N/A
Loves Hates
Karate Bullying

Guillermo (Spanish pronunciation: [gi'λermo]) is a male fan character, created by: User:LuisAngel01


Guillermo is a student in the city of Culiacan, it is one of the best friends of Luis Angel in school. Always is aware of Luis Angel, due to increased violence in school, and since Luis Angel is a guy who tries to avoid the negative, it becomes an easy target for hard and always help. Guillermo studied at the same school as Luis Angel, but in another room. He and his cousin Abigail together do not lead to anything good. Guillermo is people who are responsible for the school and is currently attending Karate classes.


He use a blue long buttondowm shirt, use a dark blue plain pants, a dark blue long overshirt, use a black shoes with a black soles and dark blue laces, use a dark blue belt, use a stylish smartwatch and use a black sport shades glasses with blue lens.