Jesús Magdaleno
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Jesús Magdaleno
Alternative Styles Relatives
Jesus Ramon (friend)
Kassandra (ex-girlfriend)
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Hometown Tastyville
Holiday Day of Deads
Closer n/a
Loves Hates
Music History Class

Jesús Magdaleno (Spanish pronunciation: [xe'suz magda'leno]) is a male fan character, created by: User:LuisAngel01


Jesus Magdaleno is the boyfriend of Kassandra, his personality is similar to hers and her aptitude uses more tough to defend, the addition is a responsible student, also lives with friends deves Kassandra and then live with them in the FORUM, the largest in the city, where they are commonly found in the food section mall.


He has long black hair with shaved half of the sides, he wears a black fade polo, wearing a black plain pants, black laced shoes and braided band.


  • It is the mayor bestfriend of Kassandra.
  • He studies in another classroom that of Kassandra, but at the same school.
  • As Luis Angel appears to be higher on her hairdo, but he is more squat than this.