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Alternative Styles Relatives
Kassandra B
Style B
Loke (brother),
Marely (bestfriend),
Jesús Ramón (bestfriend),
Stevenwolf (bestfriend),
Alexis (bestfriend),
Luis Angel (bestfriend).
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Hometown Tastyville
Holiday A night at the opera, Cinco de Mayo and Day of Deads
Closer n/a
Loves Hates
Music Strict Teachers

Kassandra (Spanish pronunciation: [kasan̪dɾa]) is a female fan character, created by: User:LuisAngel01.


Kassandra is a happy and tough girl, she is the best friend of Marely and lives with her a lot, she participated as a candidate for a society of students at his school, in the workforce rose, but lost. His biggest dream is to be a singer and visit Japan, and would strive to achieve it. His tough fitness makes it unique, since it uses for the good of her and others. Although he had a strong and difficult last count, she makes her way to be happy.


Kassandra has long hair loose and a little curly, with a tuft of downward curve and ends up all black (Sometimes we can see it with the tips dyed blond). Use a red fiery polo, a black fingerless gloves (sometimes has red), use green camo pants and wears black stitches shoes.


  • She and her friends, used the same shoes in each alternative look.
  • She wears the same gloves on each alternative look, but sometimes are red.
  • It has an average learning Japanese and a high dominance of English. Their language and their known original is Spanish.