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Leo by XLeo Parker
Alternative Styles Relatives
Lea (Best Friend)
Zayn (Best Friend)
Alys (Best Friend)
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Hometown Tastyville
Holiday Halloween, Starlight BBQ and New Year.
Closer N/A
Loves Hates
Weekend School


Leo is a student at the Burgerburgh High School. He and his class friends were 16 years old. He loves Weekends and he dislikes school. He works at Papa's Scooperia in Oniontown. From Tastyville he has to go to Burgerburgh to school and to Oniontown to work. However, it does not worry, because it is important to have a sense of humor.


Leo has a white sleeveless shirt with a light blue blouse. He also wears black pants with a gray belt on them. The coloring of his entire outfit is light blue so he also wears bright blue sneakers.