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Alternative Styles Relatives
Kassandra (sister)
Foxter (friend)
Luis Angel (bestfriend)
Professor Fitz (Teacher)
Stevenwolf (friend)
Bonnie Dundee (friend)
Gender Male
Occupation Soccer player
Hometown Tastyville
Holiday Cinco de Mayo and
Day of Deads
Closer n/a
Loves Hates
Japanese Launguage Shipping
Right Left
{{LBC}} None

Loke is a male fan customer, created by: User:LuisAngel01.


Loke is the older brother of Kassandra, he is an gamer, expert in video games and soccer player, besides, it makes him, like Kassandra, the culture of Sakura Bay. In his free time on some occasions trains and plays with the local team of Tastiville Football Stadium. Like Foxter and friends, he was created by Professor Fitz, in a biology project, he is the youngest of his friends. He was adopted by the Bustamante family, he is the richest of his friends, and always tries to outdo everyone in anything he can.


  • This is the only fan customer who not is a studient and not have a work.