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Alternative Styles Relatives
Marely B
Style B
Bonnie Dundee (brother)
Isabella (sister)
Luis Angel (bestfriend)
Foxter (bestfriend)
Minerva (God Sibling)
Ian (God Sibling)
Jovanny (God Sibling)
Rossy (God Sibling)
Gamaliel (God Sibling)
Kassandra (bestfriend)
Loke (friend)
Jesús Ramón (ex-boyfriend)
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Hometown Tastyville
Holiday A night at the opera and 14th Nissan
Closer n/a
Loves Hates
Dangos Violence

Marely (Spanish pronunciation: [maɾeli]) is a fan character, created by: User:LuisAngel01


Marely is a happy student, she lives a lot with her friends at school, mainly with her best friend Kassandra, loves the music, anime, and all that is sweet, cuddly and cute, has a unique personality, six years he met his best friend Luis Angel, lived for a time in other city where he changed his personality a little in school and lived a very dangerous earthquake and lucky chances was not a major, had a relationship with Jesus Ramon freshman year, but they ended at the beginning of a second, for a reason that one should know their friends. She like Luis Angel is a student registered with Jehovah's Witnesses, and is happy to be because he knows what is best for her.


Marely has a hairstyle with hair in a ponytail with a tuft tilted and part of her hair is not collected and has as part of the pompadour, has light brown hair, wearing a white flower in her hair, a blue hawaiian Shirt, white plain skirt, a pink beads and bangles in each hand, pink stitched shoes and using a pink puffy vest.


  • She and her friends, used the same shoes in each alternative look.
  • She and Luis Angel, use the same colors in your wardrobe alternative clothing but different.
  • Is the first female fan character (or custom customer) to have a page on this Wikia.
  • Rarely she does not wear her jacket.
  • She uses the same flower in its alternative looks.