Marely (Spanish pronunciation: [maɾeli]) is a fan character, created by: User:LuisAngel01


Marely is a happy student, she lives a lot with her friends at school, mainly with her best friend Kassandra, loves the music, anime, and all that is sweet, cuddly and cute, has a unique personality, six years he met his best friend Luis Angel, lived for a time in other city where he changed his personality a little in school and lived a very dangerous earthquake and lucky chances was not a major, had a relationship with Jesus Ramon freshman year, but they ended at the beginning of a second, for a reason that one should know their friends. She like Luis Angel is a student registered with Jehovah's Witnesses, and is happy to be because he knows what is best for her.


Marely has a hairstyle with hair in a ponytail with a tuft tilted and part of her hair is not collected and has as part of the pompadour, has light brown hair, wearing a white flower in her hair, a blue hawaiian Shirt, white plain skirt, a pink beads and bangles in each hand, pink stitched shoes and using a pink puffy vest.


  • She and her friends, used the same shoes in each alternative look.
  • She and Luis Angel, use the same colors in your wardrobe alternative clothing but different.
  • Is the first female fan character (or custom customer) to have a page on this Wikia.
  • Rarely she does not wear her jacket.
  • She uses the same flower in its alternative looks.


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