There would be 64 people. Finish the first stage of the real PBC, then we would have 32 people. Whoever wins that tournament would go straight to the third stage and there would also be a wildcard in the first stage depending on how much votes they got. Then, we would have 33. The person who had the least votes from all the tournament would be out (the wildcard can't be out on that part). Then, we would have 32. We would be split into 4 groups with 8 people. Then, half of them would lose and half of them would win, meaning that there would be 16 people left. Then, we would have normal battles (not round robin) against each other. Then, we would have 16 people, meaning that we could have a tournament bracket. So we will do that and the winning person is Papa's Best Customer!

First Stage:

  Starting Rounds Sixteenthsfinals Eighterfinals Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
   Headbracket of James James 5  
   Headbracket of Sarge Fan Sarge Fan 2  
     Headbracket of James James 0  
     Headbracket of Andy Andy 3  
   Headbracket of Andy Andy 4
   Headbracket of Robby Robby 0  
     Headbracket of Andy Andy    
   Headbracket of Kenji Kenji 1  
   Headbracket of Rudy Rudy 3  
     Headbracket of Rudy Rudy 1
     Headbracket of Emmanuel Emmanuel 3  
   Headbracket of Emmanuel Emmanuel 4
   Headbracket of Tony Tony 1  
   Headbracket of Wally Wally 0  
   Headbracket of Nicolas Nicolas 5  
     Headbracket of Nicolas Nicolas  
     Headbracket of Hacky Zak Hacky Zak    
   Headbracket of Mayor Mallow Mayor Mallow 2
   Headbracket of Hacky Zak Hacky Zak 4  
   Headbracket of Max Max 3  
   Headbracket of Austin Austin 1  
     Headbracket of Austin Austin  
   Lloyd 3
   Headbracket of Marty Marty 2  
   Headbracket of Duke Gotcha Duke Gotcha    
   Headbracket of Taylor Taylor    
   Headbracket of Steven Steven  
   Headbracket of Steve Steve    
   Headbracket of Garret Garret    
   Headbracket of Ñoño Ñoño    
   Headbracket of Iván Iván  
   Headbracket of Benny Benny    
   Headbracket of Åland Åland    
   Headbracket of Jesús Magdaleno Jesús Magdaleno    
   Headbracket of Sam Sam  
   Headbracket of Matt Matt    
   Headbracket of Zamora Zamora    
   Headbracket of Zdenek Čech Zdenek Čech    
   Headbracket of Timm Timm  
   Headbracket of America America 6  
   Headbracket of Margaret Margaret 1  
     Headbracket of America America 2  
     Headbracket of Mary Mary 1  
   Headbracket of Minerva Minerva 2
   Headbracket of Mary Mary 3  
     Headbracket of America America    
   Headbracket of Ivy Ivy 5  
   Headbracket of Nevada Nevada 0  
     Headbracket of Ivy Ivy  
     Headbracket of Perri Perri    
   Headbracket of Perri Perri 4
   Headbracket of Shannon Shannon 1  
   Lucy 3  
   Headbracket of Stephanny Stephanny 4  
     Headbracket of Stephanny Stephanny  
     Diana (Petpower123)    
   Diana (Petpower123) 5
   Headbracket of Bertha Bertha 1  
   Headbracket of Joy Joy 3  
   Deply 1  
     Headbracket of Joy Joy  
     Headbracket of Tohru Tohru    
   Headbracket of Tohru Tohru 3
   Headbracket of Trishna Trishna 1  
   Headbracket of Ripley Ripley    
   Headbracket of Luna Luna  
   Headbracket of Yui Yui    
   Headbracket of Marina Marina    
   Headbracket of Zoe Zoe    
   Headbracket of Akari Akari  
   Headbracket of Clover Clover    
   Headbracket of Sasha Sasha    
   Headbracket of Willow Willow    
   Headbracket of Gaby Gaby    
   Headbracket of Wendy Wendy    
   Headbracket of Jenny Jenny    
   Headbracket of Itzel Itzel    


Voted Out:

Person Out From Votes:

Second Stage:

Third Stage:

Final/Fourth Stage:

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