Papa's Freezeria 2 the first gameria made by User:Matty0502. The game is about to make sundaes for customers. Penny and Alberto are the chefs of the gameria. Kingsley's Customerpalooza customers will be in this gameria.


  • 08/06/2017: KCP Customers in the game




  1. Starlight Jubilee (Unlocked at Rank 6 with Boomer) -
  2. Big Top Carnival (Unlocked at Rank 11 with Foodini) -
  3. Maple Mornings (Unlocked at Rank 16 with Johnny) -
  4. Halloween (Unlocked at Rank 21 with Willow) - Favored by Tony
  5. Thanksgiving (Unlocked at Rank 26 with Sienna) -
  6. Christmas (Unlocked at Rank 31 with Santa) -
  7. New Year (Unlocked at Rank 36 with Xandra) - Favored by Mandi
  8. Valentine's Day (Unlocked at Rank 41 with Scarlett) -
  9. St. Paddy's Day (Unlocked at Rank 46 with Georgito) -
  10. Easter (Unlocked at Rank 51 with Cletus) -
  11. Sugarplex Film Fest (Unlocked at Rank 56 with Rita) -
  12. Summer Luau (Unlocked at Rank 61 with Utah) -


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