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Radlynn B

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Radlynn is a female customer who made her first appearance in Papa's Hot Doggeria.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Oniontown
Loves: Radishes
Hates: Apologizing

Radlynn is a rambunctious teen who grew up in Oniontown. Her strange affinity for radishes can be traced back to when she was approached by a mysterious man in a wide brim hat. He asked Radlynn to watch a crate of hamburger buns for a few hours. In return she was given a shoebox containing 5 "radish" coins, 3 paper clips, 2 mismatched buttons, some sawdust, and a gently used knitted hat.


Radlynn is a young female with a short brown hair, mid-tone skin, wears a radish-colored hat that covers her eyes, and a green long-sleeved shirt underneath a pink t-shirt with a picture of Radley Madish. She wears a white skirt with green belt and black shoes with white front and pink laces.

She wears a Radley Madish mask during Halloween from Papa's Cupcakeria to Papa's Cupcakeria HD.


  • Radlynn is the fifth customer who debuted in a game as a normal customer and then a Closer in the next, alongside Robby, Akari, Allan, and Ninjoy.
  • Although she doesn't make an appearance in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!, her flipdeck card indicates that she met Radley Madish.
  • She is the only villain fan to be a Closer.
  • She, Greg, SashaOlivia, and Sarge Fan are fans of villains. Radlynn is a fan of Radley Madish, Sasha is a fan of Pizza Monsters and Cheddar Macks, Greg likes Red Tomatoes, Olivia is a fan of Party Subs, and Sarge Fan is a fan of Sarge.
  • She is the third customer whose eyes are hard to see, others being Sarge Fan, Gremmie, and Foodini.
  • Although she is a fan of Radley Madish, she ironically turns out as one of the customers Radley captured, as shown in the eighth level of Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!
  • Even though her flipdeck mentions that her hometown is Oniontown, the background of her flipdeck card is the town of Frostfield.
  • She and Sarge Fan have certain similarities, respectively:
    • They both like vegetables for Radlynn likes radishes and Sarge Fan likes onions.
    • They both have Oniontown as their hometown.
    • Both of their hats cover their eyes.
    • They both order Veggie Dog in Papa's Hot Doggeria.
    • They're both fans of a boss villain.
    • They are rescued at the same level of the separate platformer games (Level 8).
      • They both also don't need any Special Skills to be rescued.
      • They both have skills of wall moving in the platformers.
      • Both their weapons are throwable.
  • She doesn't order any Easter or Groovstock ingredients in Papa's Bakeria.