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Alternative Styles Relatives
Sasha B Clair (mother)
Vincent (father)
Gender Female
Flipdeck 158
Occupation High School Student
Cheesemaker Apprentice, Churnsmith Creamery
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Closer N/A
Loves Hates
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Sasha is a female customer who made her first appearance in Papa's Pizzeria.

Flipdeck Info

Sasha lives in the town of Frostfield with her parents, Clair and Vincent. Sasha absolutely loves cheese, and has become obsessed with all the cheesy creatures of Munchmore. At Hazelnut High she joined the debate team and marching band, where she plays the trumpet. During the summers, Sasha has a side job as a cheesemaker apprentice at the Churnsmith Creamery.


Sasha is a female with dark toned skin. She wears a Cheddar Mack shirt, orange pants with a yellow stripe down the side jeans, and brown shoes with yellow laces and grey soles. She also wears a dark orange headband.

In previous games, she wore a light yellow Pizza Monster shirt with orange trim.


  • Her two favorite foods are pizza and cheese, since she is a fan of Pizza Monsters. She will therefore order cheese when it is available, however, for some reason she does not order the Cheesy Bread in Pastaria. (see below for more information)
  • Her previous shirt is available on Flipline Shop.
  • In Cupcakeria and Cupcakeria HD, her favorite holiday is Halloween, where she is dressed as a pizza monster.
    • Also, she and Willow are the only non-closers to dress up for Halloween.
  • For some reason, in Pastaria, she doesn't order the cheesy bread, even though she likes cheese. Instead, she orders the crescent roll (garlic breadstick if it's not unlocked).
  • She only won one match in Papa's Next Chefs, which was in 2014, against Skyler.
  • She is the only customer to be unlocked with two different mixables in the Papa's Freezeria series.
  • She is the first customer to order a well-done patty in Papa's Burgeria.
  • She gets a new shirt starting in Papa's Next Chefs 2015.