A Special Customers is a special type of customer, these customers only come during their favorite holiday. The Special Customers will make their first appearence in Papa's Crêperia.

Here the list of Special Customers in their respective holiday and games, only appear since the game who appear the character.

Papa's Crêperia

A night at the opera


Pirate Bash


Day of Deads


Winter Carnival


New Year


Valentine's Day

Baseball Caribean Season

St. Paddy's Day

Spring Feast

14th Nissan

Cherry Blossom Festival

Cinco de Mayo


Summer Luau

Big Top Carnival

Starlight Jubilee

Portallini Feast

Neptune's Feast


Papa's Cocktaileria HD

Cattle Carnival

Sport Season

Papa's Molleteria

Law's Day


  • Upon seeing a special customer coming in, the "Take Order" button and talk bubbles will be golden, and their names will have a blue highlight.

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