Spring Feast is a holiday that are celebrated in Papa's Cocktaileria, Papa's Flaneria, Papa's Crêperia, Papa's Cocktaileria HD and Papa's Molleteria.

Customers who like this holiday

Customers who have how 2nd favor this holiday

Special Customer who are unlocked during this holiday



  • During Spring Feast, all the customers who like this holiday dressed like a animal, vegetables and others related to nature:
  • Closers:
  • Special Customers:
    • Betty dressed like a Butterfly
    • Thomas dressed like a Frog
    • Miriam dressed like a Rose
    • Kimberly dressed like a Daisy Flower
    • Nathan dressed like a Spring King
  • The Spring Feast is a festival in which activities are carried out for the benefit of the environment, activities on the flora and fauna of the country and all related to the Spring. This is celebrated on children , youth and some adults, but even more so in children disguise themselves as their favorite animal.