Steak and Jake: Midnight March (or for short Midnight March) is the sequel to Steak and Jake, and with a twist. This time, you bring Midnight Ghouls with you to bring candy to the townspeople along with your milk, and Candy replaces Cow Cash in this game.


Steak and Jake are back for more puzzle-platforming action in this special Halloween edition! The duo meet a troop of marching Ghouls, delivering jack o' lanterns to the Haunted Barns at the end of each trail. Steak and Jake team up with spooky creatures, guiding them along each holiday-themed trail. Obstacles and enemies of various colors block Steak's path, and Jake will need to use a color-matching puzzle to change colour and interact with those colored objects and enemies.

Travel through 12 puzzling levels, multitasking to keep Steak and the Ghouls out of harm's way. Send the Ghouls on different paths to activate switches, collect candy, and open gates along the trail.


  • Meet the Midnight Ghouls
  • Monster March
  • Haunted Forest Trek
  • Beware the Wolves


  • It is the Halloween version of Steak And Jake, even though it was not released on Halloween.
  • Unlike Steak and Jake, there are only 12 Trailheads.
  • Also unlike Steak and Jake, you can go to any Trailhead again.
  • There are only Cookie Scout Challenges and no other courses. 
  • The Cookie Scouts are Midnight Ghouls in the game.
  • This game chickens appear with Halloween masks.

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