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Alternative Styles Relatives
Jesús Ramón (brother)
Foxter (friend)
Luis Angel (friend)
Professor Fitz (Teacher)
Loke (friend)
Bonnie Dundee (friend)
Gender Male
Occupation Soccer player and Heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Wolfburgh
Hometown Starlight City
Holiday Spring Feast
Closer n/a
Loves Hates
Food Haters

Stevenwolf is a male fan customer, created by: User:LuisAngel01.


Stevenwolf is the older brother of Jesús Ramón, the same as Foxter and friends was created by Professor Fitz in one of his biology projects, adopted by the Pulido family. His first adoptive parents died when he was newborn while visiting the City of Burgerburg and was found by his current parents. It is only now known that his first parents were actually the princes of the Kingdom of Wolfburgh, it is believed that his first parents adopted him because they could not have children and therefore would not have descended for the crown of Wolfburgh, Stevenwolf being legally the next heir to the throne. Due to the bad conditions that he lives with his current family, he decided to be a soccer player to help his family playing at the moment of the local team of Tastyville's Football Stadium, near the Griller Stadium.


  • Its name derives to the fact to be the kingdom of WOLFburgh, using the first letters of the kingdom, to be member of the royal family. Although he prefers to use the name only as "Steven" to make no distinction that is of the realizes.
  • Like his younger brother, Jesús Ramón, his hometown is different of his family.
  • Like Loke he loves the food.