Sugarplex Film Fest is a holiday celebrated in many of Papa Louie's restaurant time-management games. Upon reaching this holiday in any of the games below, Rita makes her first appearance as well:

Either the achievement "Concession Stand" or "Movie Marathon" is earned when all the Sugarplex Film Fest holiday-exclusive ingredients are unlocked.

Customers bring movie tickets to celebrate the holiday.

Customers who like this holiday

Sugarplex Film Fest Cupcake Liners

  • Sugarplex Filmfest in Broadway-Style Font with a Red Background
  • Film Strip
  • Cinema Decals
  • Yellow Polka Dots in Black Background

Sugarplex Film Fest-Exclusive Ingredients

Papa's Cupcakeria HD

SugarPlex poster

Papa's Pancakeria HD

Pancakeria HD - Sugarplex Filmfest Ingredients


  • The Sugarplex Theater, which is located in Burgerburgh, annually hosts the Sugarplex Film Fest held by the company.
  • In both games, Rita and Iggy are unlocked with a holiday ingredient.

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