Hi everyone!

Today I will give a small section of news for the news of wikia.

First, we are in the closing of the improvements in wikia, after a long period, we have already progressed a lot, at this moment I will be changing the size and quality of the images of the characters of Flipline Studios, in such a way that they all have The same format and quality, for the fandom characters, these will maintain their size, and their quality was already improved during the clean-ups so you will no longer need them.

Second, possibly remember that in some personages with name of Hispanic origin, franco or germano-speaking, etc. Have a reader to pronounce the name without difficulty. And one of the things that will be done in wikia is to open a version in other languages ​​for our community. The first language to be translated will be Spanish, after that we will see the progress and try to take it to other languages. This way we can have a wider community and that those who are not provided with English can collaborate with us.

I'm working a lot these times and I will have some inactivity, so do not worry about that and I can collaborate with that, besides, I have a friend who will help us in this wikia, and so grow more, and we are both working together Helping each other

That's it for today, be on the lookout for more information.

Luis Angel

02:56, April 13, 2017 (UTC)

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