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Raven (Friend)

Penelope (Friend) Tyler (by Diddy) (Brother)

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Vanna is female fan customer, created by: Didi


Name: Vanna

Likes: Fruit Pies

Hates: Lemons

Vanna is a girl who loves Bats more than anyone else.She always want to learn more about them even thought it's not night yet, every night Vanna loves to read a spooky novel before sleep and that's why she always exhausted every morning but it not make her late to her college.Vanna also likes to hang out with her twin brother,Tyler.


Vanna has shoulder-lenght black hair with a white bow on top on her head,she wears black sweater with yellow stripes and orange pumkin face on the front.she also wear yellow and orange skirt with black with grey chain. color of her shoes are black,white and yellow with stars on it


  • She,Penelope,Diddu and Tyler is the only characters who had a group
  • Vanna and Tyler are the first twin (on my customers)
  • It already confirmed that she hates sickness
  • Vanna and Diddu are the only member that not order Green Tea Dough in Papa's Donuteria Fanmade
  • She the first fan customer (of mine) who have flipdeck